Duchess Of Oldenburg

This well-known Russian variety is the hardiest of the old list, its endurance of severe winters encouraged the importation of other sorts from Russia.

Fruit large; form roundish oblate, regular; surface smooth, greenish yellow, almost wholly covered with stripes and splashes, mixed on sunny side with crimson; a handsome fruit; dots white, numerous, minute; cavity deep, regular, acute, small radiating patch of russet in bottom; stem short to medium; basin abrupt, regular, small protuberances around the eye; calyx closed; segments long, broad, connivent. Core closed; cells ovate, axile; tube funnel-shaped ; stamens median; flesh white, sprightly acid. August.


Apple Variety: Okabena


Apple Variety: Oldenburg

Oliver (Senator; Oliver Red)

A handsome late fall apple now much grown in its native state, Arkansas.

Apple Variety: Oliver

Fruit large, roundish oblate, form variable, from nearly flat to roundish slightly flattened; surface deep rich yellow wholly covered with bright rich red, coloring obscurely splashed on sunny side, marbled, mixed and dotted on shaded side; dots numerous, large, very distinct, russet; cavity regular, medium, obtuse, lined with green and russet: stem medium, stout; basin wide, deep, obscurely ribbed and wrinkled; calyx open; segments erect convergent. Core half open, small, meeting; cells ovate, slit; calyx-tube conical; stamens basal; seeds few, plump, long, pointed; flesh yellowish, sometimes tinged with red, fine-grained, juicy, mild, pleasant, rich, subacid, very good. November and December in Arkansas.


Originated by the late Charles Arnold, Paris, Ontario, Canada, from seed of Northern Spy crossed with Wagener; tree of moderate vigor, somewhat spreading, an early and heavy bearer.

Fruit large to very large, oblate, sometimes roundish, slightly angular; surface whitish yellow, mostly covered with bright rich red, with obscure carmine splashes and stripes, with pale pink bloom; dots few, light, distinct; cavity deep, broad, slightly russeted; stem short, rather stout; basin medium to rather deep, slightly wrinkled; calyx small, open or closed. Core small; flesh yellowish white, crisp, tender, juicy, sprightly, slightly aromatic, brisk subacid, very good. January to April.


Origin, orchard of Michael Ortley, New Jersey; tree vigorous, large, spreading, very productive.

Fruit large, oblong conic; surface smooth, clear, pale yellow, rarely with light blush and red spots; dots minute, obscure, indented, russet; cavity deep, acute, regular, lined with russet; stem long, slender; basin narrow, shallow, with corrugations and fine wrinkles; calyx small, closed; segments divergent. Core large, oval, open, distant, meeting; cells abaxile, ovate, slit; tube conical; stamens median; seeds numerous, short, plump, pointed, easily loosened, so that they rattle in the large cells; flesh yellowish white, firm, tender, finegrained, juicy, sprightly, very pleasant subacid, very good to best. November to January.