Kirtland's Mary

Large, round, heart-shaped, with flattened base; color varied shades of red on yellow ground; stem one to one and one-half inches long. Flesh yellow, firm, rich, highly flavored, sweet. Season, about July 1st. One of the best of Prof. Kirtland's Ohio seedlings. Bigarreau.

Knight (Early)

Fruit large, heart-shaped, somewhat irregular; color dark purple and black when fully ripe; stalk one and one-quarter to one and one-half inches in length, in a deep cavity. Flesh dark red or purple, tender, sweet, and richly flavored. Season, about that of Black Tartarian; succeeds best on a rich, loamy soil, in a warm position. Heart.


Very large, roundish, heart-shaped; color black. Flesh firm, solid. Desirable for long-distance shipping. Commercially grown on west coast, and to some extent east of the Knight (Early). lakes. Oregon. Heart. Mercer. - Large, heart-shaped; color dark red; stem long, rather slender, inserted in wide shallow cavity; fruit usually in clusters of three. Flesh sweet, rich, juicy, very good. New Jersey. Heart.

Bigarreau And Heart Cherry Varieties K M 229


Very large, obtuse, heart-shaped; color black; stalk long, slender. Flesh firm, rich, very good to best. Starred in Eastern States and double-starred on west coast as a heavy bearer of choice dessert fruit. Season, July. Heart.


Large to very large, from three-quarters to one and one-quarter inches in diameter, roundish, heart-shaped; color yellowish, overspread with crimson, becoming almost black when fully ripe. Flesh juicy, sweet, firm, very good. Productive. Grown in Ohio. Bigarreau.


Very large, heart-shaped, slightly oblong; color pale yellow, dotted and spotted with red and marbled crimson on sunny side; stem short, stout, and set in narrow cavity. Flesh very firm, juicy, good.

Ohio Beauty

Large, roundish, heart-shaped; stalk one and one-half inches long, quite slender, in medium cavity; color yellowish white, mostly covered with varied shades of red. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet, very good. Grown in Ohio and east of the lakes. Heart.