These varieties have come to the front rapidly on account of the size of the nuts, early bearing, and for more regular and continued bearing than the American or European varieties. Already quite a large part of the varieties offered by propagators have been grown from nuts produced in this country, and in some cases they may be modified in tree and fruit by crossing with varieties longer in cultivation of the European and home varieties.


Large, smooth, dark brown; two or three nuts in a burr. A seedling of Giant. Grown in Ohio and southeastern States.


Large, usually three in a burr; bears when three years old. A seedling of Giant. New Jersey.


Another seedling of Giant similar to Alpha, but ripens later. New Jersey.


Very large, light brown; burrs very large; two to five nuts in each burr; much prized in Maryland.


Large; kernel plump; excellent boiled or roasted; from two to seven nuts in a burr. Maryland.

Early Reliance

Large; three to five nuts in a burr. Season, early. Grown in Ohio and in States east and south.


Large and remarkable for its relative good quality. It is reported about equal to the best American varieties.


Very large, smooth, dark-colored; one to two nuts in a burr. Remarkable in producing so many valuable seedlings in different States.


Large, dark brown, smooth, handsome; two to three nuts in a burr; enormously productive in Maryland.


Large as Giant, and the quality is said to be better than most of the oriental varieties; three nuts to the burr. Delaware.


Very large, three to seven nuts in a burr, and it is said that in Ohio they often bear when only three to four feet in height of bush. This is reported to be a seedling of the Giant.

Japan Giant Chestnut

Japan Giant

Martin (Col. Martin). - Large, yields usually five nuts to each very large burr; quality about like most oriental varieties. Maryland.


Large, broad, dark brown; quality fair to good; usually three large nuts in a burr. New Jersey.