The very large foreign varieties of the Gooseberry and their hybrids are more troubled with mildew than those which are native, yet they are grown commercially more extensively in various parts of the Union than many suspect. Often crops are secured for home use or market by planting in airy position and mulching during the heated period to keep the soil cool. Spraying is also resorted to in commercial plantations. The most satisfactory spray is with dilute copper sulphate, using one ounce to fifteen gallons of water, beginning with the expansion of the leaves, and continuing through the season at intervals of six to eight days. Their very large size secures good prices in market, and it is proving profitable to select a suitable airy location, and not to neglect the spraying. See Section 268 of Part I.


Medium to large, oval; color green, shaded with light red; slightly hairy; quality good. Is not much subject to mildew in New York or Michigan.


Large to very large, oval; color green, with reddish shades; quality very good. Very productive on the west coast, where most foreign varieties fail; it also is a success where tested in Arizona and Colorado.


Very large, roundish oblong; color dark red. Flesh sweet; quality very good. Not much subject to mildew in Michigan or New York.


Large, long; color yellow; slightly hairy; quality very good. Grown in Canada profitably. English.


Large, roundish oval, smooth; color pale green; quality best. Grown east of the lakes and in the Far West. European descent.

Gooseberry Chautauqua

Chautauqua. Columbus.


Large, oblong, or roundish oblong, smooth; color white; quality very good to best; much like Triumph in fruit. Grown in Michigan, east of the lakes, and in the Far West. European.

Crown Bob

Large, nearly round; color dark red. Flesh almost sweet; quality very good. Succeeds best in the dry air of the West, but with spraying is quite generally grown. European.


Large, variable in shape, from roundish to oblong; color greenish white, somewhat transparent. Flesh sweet, very good to best. Remarkably free from mildew. Europe.

Duke Of Sutherland

Very large, oblong; color dark green, smooth; quality fair. Seems to be free from mildew in Canada.

English Red Jacket

Large to very large, usually narrowed toward the stem; color light red, smooth. Flesh sweet, good. The American Red Jacket is wholly different.


Medium to large, roundish, quite smooth; color light red; sweet, very good. Bush a strong grower; productive in Michigan.

Golden Prolific

Large, oblong, smooth; color golden yellow.

Flesh subacid, tender, good to very good as grown in Ohio. English descent.