The varieties of this fruit belong to two closely related species. Ribes grossularia includes all the foreign varieties and their American seedlings, and in this work the American species, Ribes oxyacanthoides, includes the native varieties and their probable crosses with the European species. See Section 268 of Part I.

American Gooseberry Varieties And Their Hybrids


Some smaller than Champion, oval; color green, with red on sunny side; very productive; quality better than Downing. An Oregon variety, showing some traces of foreign parentage. Does well in Michigan and near the lakes.

Excelsior - Size of Houghton, roundish, smooth; color light green; quality good. A seedling of Champion originating in Indiana.


Medium to large, roundish; color green with shades of yellow; quality very good. A remarkable bearer, not known to mildew. Indiana. A probable hybrid.


Some larger than Downing, oval; color dull green, with marked pubescence. Flesh rather soft when fully ripe; quality fair. Remarkably productive in Western New York. Probably a hybrid. Washington.

Gooseberry Downing

Downing. Mountain.


Fruit some larger than Houghton, roundish oval; color green with distinct rib-veins and smooth skin. Flesh juicy, quite soft, very good. Rarely mildews. Widely grown. New York.


Small, roundish oval; color light green, shaded red, with light bloom. Flesh juicy, sweet, and best in quality for canning, kitchen use, and for wine. Massachusetts.

Mountain (Mountain Seedling)

Somewhat larger than Downing, oblong, smooth; color brownish purple. Flesh juicy, sweet, good. A productive variety at the West. Probably a hybrid. New York.

Pale Red (American Cluster)

Size of Houghton, roundish oval; color darker red than Houghton. Flesh tender, sweet, and good. Quite widely grown.


Medium to large, roundish; color light green, with shading of red; quality very good to best. Widely grown. Canada.

Gooseberry Pearl


Red Jacket

Medium to large, roundish oval; color light green, shaded with red. When ripe quite transparent; skin tender. Flesh juicy, rich; quality very good. Canada.


Medium to large, oval; color green, with shading of yellow, often spotted with red, with a slight bloom. Probably a hybrid with the European species, but is classed with the American varieties. Vermont.

Strubler (Strubler No. 1)

Size medium, roundish oval; color green, smooth; quality very good. Probably a hybrid. Illinois.