Large, oblong conic, with blunt apex, regular in shape and size; color bright crimson. Flesh firm, solid, very good. Season, early. Perfect. Profitable in New Jersey.


Large, conical; color bright scarlet; quality very good. Flowers perfect. Popular on Pacific coast.


Large, roundish conical, smooth; color red and scarlet; quality good. A perfect variety, attracting considerable attention in Michigan and New Jersey.

Downing (Charles Downing)

Medium to large, conical, regular; color bright scarlet or crimson. Flesh firm; quality as grown West best. Does best when alternated with good pollen-bearers, though it appears to have perfect stamens. Kentucky.

Dunlap (Senator Dunlap)

Medium to large, long conical, with short neck; color light crimson; quality very good. Flowers perfect. Stands drouth at the West remarkably well. A seedling of Warfield that is better in quality and a better shipper. Ohio.