Marketman (Shipper)

Large, nearly round; color light red with whitish bloom. Flesh red, firm, juicy, half-cling. This proves an admirable shipper, and its red-fleshed fruit is seen in most markets. Triflora.


Fruit medium to large, blunt oval in shape; color crimson-red with profuse light-blue bloom, including the cavity; dots numerous; suture shallow, but distinct; apex a russet dot at end of suture; stalk one inch long, quite stout, curved, inserted in moderately deep regular cavity. Flesh yellowish with white veins, mild subacid, rich; quality very good; pit free. Season, August 1st to 10th. Domestica. Russia.


Large, roundish oblate, flattened at each end; color russeted yellow, blotched with light red and purple at the base;stalk three-quarters of an inch long in very shallow cavity. Flesh firm, sweet, and rich in flavor; best in quality; cling. Domestica. Maine. Minnesota. - Large to very large, ovate, somewhat uneven at apex, with depression at the suture, which extends beyond the apex; stalk one-half to three-quarters of an inch long, stout, inserted in deep and narrow cavity. Flesh yellow, fine-grained, juicy, subacid, good to very good; pit small, oblong, ridged, and free from the flesh, Denmark.

Plum: McLaughlin



Large to very large, roundish oval; color darkish purple with heavy bluish bloom; stalk short, stout, and inserted in a deep broad rounded cavity; suture obscure. Flesh yellow, quality good; stone free. A shipping variety in New York and Delaware. Domestica.

Monroe (Monroe Egg, Monroe Gage)

Small to medium, roundish oval; color yellow with white dots and whitish bloom; stalk quite long, inserted in shallow cavity; suture obscure. Flesh yellow, with best flavor; quality very good to best; freestone. Grown mostly for home use east of the lakes and in Utah. Domestica.


Under this name is grown in Western New York commercially a variety much like Bradshaw in size, color, and quality, yet it probably is not identical in tree and fruit; but as yet the distinctive differences have not been indicated. Domestica.

Nonesuch (Lucombe's Nonesuch)

Medium to large, roundish oval; color greenish, changing to yellow, with whitish bloom; stem short, straight, in a wide cavity; suture distinct, broad. Flesh quite firm, greenish yellow, good; clingstone. Much like Green Gage. Domestica.


Medium to large; somewhat heart-shaped at base, conical, color golden yellow. Flesh firm, meaty, yellow, quality very good; pit free. Trifiora.