Bunch small, very compact, and usually shouldered; berry small, round; color handsome light red. Flesh rich, vinous, sweet, aromatic, delicious; quality best. Grown commercially in several States, East, West, and South. Origin, uncertain.

Diamond (Moore's Diamond)

Bunch long, shouldered, quite compact; berry round; color greenish white, with white bloom. Flesh juicy, vinous, tender; seeds two to four; quality very good. A sister of the Brighton that has become commercial in several States. New York. Hybrid.

Native Varieties Of The Grape And Their Hybrids D 293




Bunch large, very compact, irregularly shouldered by cluster on one side; color light wine; bloom light gray. Flesh whitish, mild, vinous, pleasant, with slight foxiness that disappears when kept. Only locally grown, mostly at the South. Massachusetts. Hybrid.


Bunch large to very large, long, conical, somewhat shouldered, quite compact; berry medium to large, long, oval, black, with slight blue bloom. Flesh tender, greenish amber-colored, quite juicy, meaty, sweet, quite rich, good. New York. Hybrid.

Dracut Amber

Bunch large, compact, usually shouldered; berry large, round. Flesh juicy, quite tender, but foxy; yet it is grown for market more extensively than Diana, as when kept for some time after picking, it vastly improves in flavor. Massachusetts. Labrusca.


Bunch medium to large, shouldered, compact; berry medium in size, roundish oval; color greenish yellow when ripe; at the West the color is bright yellow with light bloom. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet, very good to best. A good keeper. Grown largely South and in Colorado. New York. Hybrid.