Early Dawn

Bunch medium long, shouldered; berry round, black, with heavy bloom. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet, rich, very good; matures early, and keeps and ships well. Prized in Maryland and the Southeastern States, but has been neglected farther North. New York. Hybrid.

Early Ohio

Bunch larger than Moore Early, compact, heavy; berry medium size, black, with heavy blue bloom. Flesh firm, sprightly, subacid; quality fair to good. It ripens a week in advance of Moore Early, which has made it commercial in Ohio and other States southeast of the lakes. Hybrid.


Bunch large, roundish, shouldered, quite compact; berry large, round, black, with dense blue bloom. Flesh half tender, vinous, juicy; seeds few; good. As grown North not quite as good as Concord, but South it acquires more grape sugar, and the very large bunches are salable. Massachusetts. Labrusca.


Bunch large, double - shouldered, not very compact; berry large. Flesh tender, rich, sweet, vinous, very good. A white variety grown in Ohio and much prized in some localities. Labrusca cross.


Bunch large; berry medium, white, high - flavored, tender, juicy, with very few seeds, very good. Season of Moore Early, and much prized in South Ohio. A cross of Concord and Allen's Hybrid. New York.

Grape: Eaton. (Reduced)

Eaton. (Reduced).


Bunch medium, shouldered, very compact; berry small to medium, round; color pale green, with yellow shade at the West. Flesh tender, sweet, and free from foxiness, good. Succeeds best west of the lakes where the dry air does not favor rot. In Colorado it is grown as a wine grape. Missouri. Riparia.

Empire State

Bunch long, large, usually shouldered; berry small to medium, round; color light green or white, tinged with yellow and covered with white bloom. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet, sprightly, without foxiness; a good keeper. A new variety, rapidly coming into general cultivation. New York. Hybrid.


Bunch large, shouldered, fairly compact; berry quite large, white, with yellowish bloom. Flesh juicy, vinous, rich, very good. This is one of Rommel's best white varieties as grown west of the lakes. Missouri. Riparia.


Bunch quite large, compact, shouldered; berry medium in size, roundish; color purple or bluish black, with some bloom. Flesh tender, melting, and soft to the center; quality very good. A home variety mainly. East of the lakes and in the Southwest. New York. AEstivalis.


Bunch large, compact, shouldered; berry medium, oval, red. Flesh rich, sweet, sprightly, vinous; very good. A seedling of Isabella, prized in Ohio and South where it has been tested. Labrusca.


Bunch large to very large, often double-shouldered; berry medium to large, roundish oval; color pale red. Flesh sweet, vinous, rich aromatic, with muscat flavor; ripens late. Will have its best record where the Herbemont ripens fully. New York. Hybrid.