Bunch long, fairly compact, shouldered; berry medium to large, round; color black, with blue bloom. Flesh whitish vinous, juicy, good. An old variety that has made slow commercial progress on account of dropping its fruit. Connecticut. Labrusca.


Bunch medium, roundish, shouldered, compact; berries medium, round; color greenish white, or at the West yellow amber, with dense whitish bloom. Flesh juicy, subacid, vinous, with rather tough center; quality very good. Season, earlier than Concord. Grown mostly in the Eastern, Southern, and Mountain States. Massachusetts. Labrusca.


Bunch large, heavy, compact, shouldered; berry below medium, black, with blue bloom; skin filled with sweet, rich, aromatic juice, with but trifling show of pulp. A Southern variety widely grown for home dessert use and wine-making. Origin, uncertain.

Herbert (Rogers No. 44)

Bunch medium to large, roundish, shouldered, quite compact; berry large, round; color black, with blue bloom. Flesh greenish, juicy, tender, pleasantly flavored; seeds large. Needs mixed planting. Quite widely grown. Massachusetts. Hybrid.


Bunch large, long, shouldered, rather loose; berry large, round, black, with blue bloom. Flesh greenish white, juicy, sweet, tender, good. Season, quite late. A favorite in Maryland and west to South Missouri. New York. Hybrid.