Varieties of this species have been grown in Europe since the historic period began, and some of the largest and best varieties were introduced for trial at an early day, but like the European grapes they have not found congenial conditions in the new home except in a few localities. Even in South California some of the Purple Canes - notably the Cuthbert - have displaced the European reds except in the foothills.

The propagation and care of the European hybrids and their crosses with the American red species are the same in all respects as adopted with our native red varieties (245).

All Summer

Large, dark red, and best in quality. A leading variety on the west coast, and in Arizona, Utah, and parts of Colorado. It is also prized in New Jersey and Delaware. Mexico.


Large, conical, regular; color bright crimson. Flesh quite soft, sweet, rich, very good. This fine variety is very productive in Western New York and the southwestern States; one of the best of the European reds to endure summer's heat and winter's cold. Connecticut.

European Red Raspberry Varieties Rubus Idoeus 311

Fastolff (Filby)

Very large, roundish conical; color purplish red. Flesh rich and nearly best in quality; too soft for market but popular as a home fruit where hardy enough. England.


Large, obtuse conical; color purplish red. Flesh rich and pleasantly acid. Grown in mild climates for home use and near market. France.


A large, red, conical berry of the Clarke type. It is better in quality than Cuth-bert and some earlier. It is classed with the European reds, but it is said to have been grown from seed of the wild red species of Ontario, Canada.

Hudson River Antwerp

Large, oblong conical; color red. Flesh firm, with pleasant flavor. Once very popular on the Hudson and yet prized in Utah and South Colorado. England.

King (Thompson's King)

Size medium to large, and under good culture it is uniformly large; in Ohio Prof. J. W. Green says: "Large, firm, of beautiful color, and prolific. It is far ahead of Loudon or Miller here." It is now classed with the European reds, but it is probably a hybrid. Virginia.

Orange (Brinckle's Orange)

Large, conical, often oval; color bright orange or buff. Flesh juicy, quite soft, rich, and sweet; quality best. Probably an American hybrid.

Red Antwerp (Knevet's Antwerp)

Medium to large, roundish, or obtuse conical; color dark red, with prominent seed lobes and thick bloom. Flesh rich, juicy, with vinous flavor; grown on west coast and in the South mostly. Europe.


Large, conical, or long conical; color scarlet red; quality very good. In Ohio it is classed as very hardy, productive, and an excellent shipping variety, on account of its firmness of flesh. New York.


Medium to large, roundish oblate; color yellow. Flesh soft, juicy, and very good in quality. Growing in popularity east of the lakes. Vermont. Franconia. (Reduced.)