Early May (Of The West)

Medium in size, markedly flattened; color clear red; stem seven-eighths to one inch long, in broad shallow cavity; apex depressed. Flesh firm, juicy, good. This is often grown as Early Richmond. The Early May of the East is different and less desirable.

Early Morello (No. 23 Orel)

Fruit medium in size, round, flattened at ends; color bright red; stem three-quarters to one inch long, quite stout, set in quite broad and deep cavity; apex slightly compressed. Flesh light-colored, very juicy, with brisk acid flavor. Season about the same as Richmond. A very hardy tree, and a regular and heavy bearer. Russia.

Early Morello (Of Kansas)

Imported from Germany under this name, but not identical with Early Morello from Russia. Fruit medium to large, black when fully ripe, tender, vinous. Season of Early Richmond. Grown in Kansas.

Early Richmond

Medium, round, slightly flattened; suture well defined; color light red; stem one inch long in broad sloping cavity; apex depressed. Flesh soft, uncolored; quality very good.

Cherry: Early Richmond

Early Richmond. English Morello. After Woolverton.

Fruit usually in pairs. Grown over a large part of the Union. Early May and Early Morello are often sold under this name.

Empress Eugenia

Large, roundish obtuse, nearly heart-shaped; color rich dark red; stem quite short, in deep cavity. Flesh slightly colored, tender, rich, subacid; stone small; very good. Season, first half of June at West. Doubled-starred in New York, Michigan, Utah, and Colorado. Duke.

Cherry: English Morello

English Morello

Medium to large, roundish oblate; color dark red, nearly black when ripe; stem one and one-half inches long, in medium shallow cavity; apex not indented. Flesh purplish red, meaty, juicy, slightly astringent, good. As with the Vladimir this old variety has run into variations in Europe.


Large, roundish oblate, compressed; stalk one inch long, stout, in broad deep cavity; color dark scarlet. Flesh tender, juicy, quite acid. Season, last of June. Grown around the lakes.


Large, oblate, heart-shaped, compressed; stalk one and one-half inches long, stout; color light scarlet or amber. Flesh mild acid, very juicy, soft, tender, good. Grown around the lakes and South. Red Duke.


Large, roundish oblate, somewhat compressed; stalk one and one-half inches long, in broad shallow cavity; color dull red, and dark red when fully ripe. Flesh quite tender and juicy, mild acid, quality good. Profitable around the lakes, especially in Michigan. Duke.