Medium in size, roundish. Flesh firm, rich, mildly acid; quality very good for this Morello type. Tree short-jointed and very hardy. Ripens in advance of Early Richmond.

Fouche's Morello

Fruit large, obtusely heart-shaped, bright red in color, semi-transparent; stem two to two and one-half inches long, slender. Flesh quite firm, juicy, and of excellent quality for all uses. Ripe fifteen days later than Richmond. Tree a low compact grower and a heavy bearer. Russia.

Frauendorfer Weichsel

Size medium, heart-shaped, conical; stem long but variable, quite stout; color dark crimson. Flesh tender, with peculiar vinous flavor. Best for culinary uses. Season, middle of July. Tree remarkably hardy. Russia.


Large, roundish oblate; color light red; stem stout, one and one-half inches long in medium cavity. Flesh tender, subacid, pleasant, very good. Apparently a cross between the Duke and Morello families. As hardy in tree as Early Richmond. France.

George Glass

Medium to large, round, heart-shaped, somewhat flattened at ends; color dark red; stem one and one-half to two and one-quarter inches long, slender, in abrupt deep cavity. Flesh somewhat colored, meaty, juicy, mildly acid, very good. North Silesia.

Cherry: Griotte Imperial

Griotte Imperial.

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Griotte Du Nord

Medium to large, nearly round; color dark red; stalk two to three inches long, slender. Flesh highly colored, juicy, rather acid, but pleasantly flavored. A hardy upright tree. Russia.

Griotte Imperial

Medium to large, oval, dark red; stem short, stout, in shallow cavity. Flesh meaty, firm, colored, quite acid, yet with a rich mingling of sweet and sour. Tree a slow, round-topped grower and very productive. Season of Late Richmond; very hardy far North. Russia.

Griotte Kleparite

Large, heart-shaped, conical, suture depressed; color pale red, often with white cheek; stem one and one-quarter to two inches long, stout, in deep and broad cavity. Flesh firm, whitish, juice uncolored, quality very good. A Red Duke variety, about as hardy as Early Richmond. Russia.

Griotte Precoce

Fruit large, flattened; suture distinct; color bright shining red; stem one and one-quarter to one and three-quarters inches long, curved, stout, in deep cavity. Flesh soft, breaking, uncolored, very good. Season, middle of June. Tree very hardy and fruitful. Russia.