Bidwell Late

Medium to large, oval; color white with shades of marbled red. Flesh greenish white; quality very good; cling. Florida.

Blood Cling

Large to very large, roundish oval; color dark, dull, clouded red; suture distinct. Flesh deep red, firm, juicy, but flavor very goor. Use, kitchen, and as a curiosity in market on account of its blood-red flesh.

Bokhara No. 3

Large; color yellow with red cheek. Flesh yellow, firm yet melting, rich; pit free. Grown by the writer from pits received from Bokhara in North Central Asia. Popular in Georgia, and the hardiest variety in Iowa.

Bokhara No. 1

Medium to large, ovate; color creamy yellow splashed with red. Flesh yellow with red at the pit, subacid, melting, very good; pit free; glands many, reniform. A very hardy tree with same history as No. 3.


Medium to large, roundish ovate; color yellow with red cheek; cavity broad and deep; suture slight, extending beyond apex. Flesh yellow with red at pit, vinous, pleasant; pit free. This meets a shipping want, as it is fifteen days later than Salway in Georgia and a fine freestone.


Medium to large, roundish ovate; color yellow with cheek blushed pale red; cavity broad and deep; suture slight, extending beyond apex. Flesh yellow with red at pit, vinous, tender..


Quite large, flattened ovate; compressed near the suture; color yellow, striped and marbled with red; cavity abrupt, wide, and deep. Flesh yellowish with red at pit, not very rich; quality good; pit free. Season, last of September. Delaware.

Peach: Bokhara

Bokhara No. 3.


Medium to large, round, slightly oblate; color whitish with bright-red cheek; suture deep at apex. Flesh light color with some red at pit, rich, sweet, good; pit free. New York.

Briggs (Briggs' Red May)

Medium to large, round; color white with rich red cheek. Flesh greenish white, melting, juicy, rich, very good; pit partially free. Season, early. A California variety now grown quite extensively in the South. A spurious variety with yellow flesh has been propagated in Michigan under the name of Briggs.

Brigdon (Garfield)

Medium, roundish oval; color creamy yellow with red cheek; suture in depression. Flesh yellow, very juicy, vinous, rich; pit free. Commercial. New York.


Medium, round; color yellowish white, with dull red cheek; suture depressed, extending to apex. Flesh yellowish white with some red at pit, mild, vinous, good; pit free. Season, August. Tree unusually hardy and one of the best of the season in Michigan and Western New York.


Large, roundish ovate, somewhat compressed; color yellow with faint blush of cheek; suture distinct, extending to apex. Flesh yellow with red at pit, vinous, sprightly, good; pit free. Much like Kalamazoo, but a better tree and a better bearer.

Butler Late

Large to very large; color greenish white with red cheek. Flesh white, firm, very good; pit free. Season comes in after Smock and meets a shipping want in the Southwest. Virginia.