Large, oval, narrowing at both ends, but variable in shape; often roundish and nearly obtuse pyriform; color yellow with brighter shade in sun; patches and netting of russet, and brown russet dots, often nearly covering the yellow ground; stalk rather short, stout, and inserted in medium cavity. Flesh whitish, somewhat coarse, juicy, half melting, sweet, only good. Double starred in many States as a market and kitchen variety. A Chinese hybrid.


Large, obtuse pyriform; color greenish yellow with numerous small green or gray dots; stem quite long, curved, and fleshy at insertion in broad uneven cavity; basin large, irregular, corrugated. Flesh whitish, quite coarse, juicy, buttery, melting sweet, perfumed, very good. Grown in Ohio and the southeastern States. Pennsylvania.

Pear: Josephine d'Malines

Josephine d'Malines.


Small to medium, obtusely obovate, sometimes pyriform; color bright yellow, mostly covered with light russet, with red streaks in the sun; stalk short, stout, inserted in small cavity; basin shallow and broad. Flesh melting, juicy, sweet, aromatic, very good. Season, early fall. Grown for dessert use mainly. Ohio.


Medium, pyriform; color greenish yellow with bronze cheek, and small russet dots; stem one inch long, inserted in mediumsized regular shallow cavity. Flesh white, granular, flavor poor. Used for market and kitchen in Illinois. Illinois.


Medium, yellow, with bloom; skin thick. Flesh melting, juicy, good. Keeps into winter. Grown in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Pear: Kirtland