Family Favorite

Large, roundish, inclined to oblong; color golden-yellow, with waxen complexion and blushed cheek; suture shallow. Flesh yellow, with red streaks near the pit, firm, juicy, with high aromatic flavor; cling. A seedling of Chinese Cling of far better color than the parent. Commercial in the Southeast. Texas.


Large, oval; color yellow, shaded with crimson and red. Flesh yellow, with red at the pit, firm, yet juicy, and good; pit small and free; quality very good. Rapidly coming into favor. Canada.


Large, roundish; color yellow with red cheek and thin bloom; suture extended beyond apex. Flesh yellow with red at pit, firm, nearly sweet, vinous, good; pit free. Season, last of August.

Ford Late (Ford's No. 3)

Large, roundish; color greenish yellow with thin bloom; cavity narrow and quite deep; suture obscure. Flesh white with tinge of red at pit, tender, vinous, flavor not high; pit free. Grown in Ohio for market.

Peach: Family Favorite

Family Favorite.


Large, roundish; color bright yellow shaded with dark red; suture slight in compression, extending two-thirds around. Flesh bright yellow, slightly red at pit, juicy, vinous, tender- much like Early Crawford, but better in quality; pit free. Grown in Ohio and eastward. Massachusetts.

Fox (Fox's Seedling)

Medium in size, oval, irregular; color creamy white with bright red cheek; suture extends nearly around. Flesh white with red at pit, mild, vinous, rich; pit free; quality nearly best. New Jersey.


Large, roundish oval, surface smooth; color yellow almost covered with bright red; cavity quite deep; suture deep toward the cavity; apex pointed. Flesh yellow, solid, juicy, rather rich-flavored; pit free. Season follows Elberta. Ohio.

Peach: Frances (Reduced)

Frances (Reduced).