Therese Appert

Medium to large, pyriform, rounded toward the basin and tapering to the stem by two deep concave curves; color yellow, mottled with areas of green, and well covered russet dots; cheek mottled with crimson; stem short, fleshy, inserted without depression; basin also very slight depression. Flesh tender, buttery, melting, sprightly, vinous, very good. Season, September. Often grown on the quince. France.

Pear: Urbaniste



Small to medium, acute pyriform in shape; color bright yellow when ripe, slightly russeted, with crimson cheek and many brown dots; stalk one and one-quarter inches long, inserted by fleshy ring at the top of the narrow neck. Flesh fine-grained, buttery, melting, juicy, quite sweet, aromatic; nearly best. Starred and double-starred in several States. Pennsylvania.

Pear: Vicar of Winkfield

Vicar of Winkfield.