The interest taken in Dr. . F. Smith's bulletin on peach yellows, issued from the Department of Agriculture, may be measured by the fact that second-hand book dealers are selling it for $1.50, the original edition having been exhausted.

The Patterson Peach is a new variety which originated at Greenfield, Hancock county. The Indiana original tree is five years old, and in 1888 bore one bushel of fruit, all of uniform large size, four specimens weighing 31 ounces or nearly 8 ounces each, and measuring 3 inches in diameter. Last year the best specimens, four, only weighed 22 ounces, as the tree was overloaded, having 2 bushels of fruit on it, and it had not been thinned out any. Bark very smooth and fine, dark colored, more like a plum or cherry than peach. They have never thrown out a limb or sucker below the head which is 3 feet from the ground. The trunk of the tree is 3 inches in diameter, one foot from the ground. There will be no trees for sale for a year yet.