By the latest and best estimates there are now growing in California orchards at least 10,000,000 (ten million) peach and apricot trees, two-thirds of which are peaches, and two-thirds of both species will be in bearing the coming season. These trees will soon give a total product of 40,000,000 40-lb. boxes of fruit, or 160 millions of pounds, yet the best posted commercial fruit men of the state insist that there need be no fear of a glut from overproduction, either now or in the future. In fact, the demand is constantly beyond the production. Nothing but the opening up of some great new country with a climate and soil for the peach, nectarine and apricot the equal of this, will give the world more of these fruits than it will absorb. Where is such a country to be found? Possibly South Arizona and parts of old Mexico will compete. But even then California will have the "bulge" for a score of years. These orchards paid last season from $50 to $350 per acre net. - D. B.

Wier, Petaluma, California.