This is the "Holly Fern" of the market grower. It is found widely distributed in Japan, China, the Himalayas, Madagascar, the Sandwich Islands, and South Africa. It is grown in thousands for market, and may be recognized by its ovate pointed pinnae, which, in the glossy-green colour and appearance, remind one of some-varieties of Holly. The variety caryotideum is somewhat larger, more sharply toothed, slightly lobed, and sometimes auricled on both sides at the base. Rochfordi is a very beautiful variety with large fimbriated fronds. It is a great improvement on the type, and is a strong grower. It stands travel well, and is likely to become better known in market work. It is easily raised from spores. Another variety is Fensoni. The spore clusters are scattered over the lower surface. The Holly Fern is easily grown in a cool greenhouse, and is very popular for house decoration, cool ferneries, etc. It flourishes in loam, peat, and sand in equal proportions, and requires plenty of water during the summer months. All varieties sell freely in small or large pots.