Although these fleshy-rooted plants from Chili and Brazil are becoming more widely recognized for their value as border plants and for cut flowers, they are scarcely yet known to the market grower. A good trade in them, however, is done by the nurserymen. Owing to their long, wiry stems, and beautiful orange-yellow or golden blossoms streaked and spotted with red or carmine, the Alstroemerias are worthy of more extensive culture. They should be grown in good well-drained soil on south borders, the rootstocks being buried from 6-9 in. deep as a protection against frost. The best kinds are: A. aurantiaca (or A. aurea, fig. 181), deep orange; A. brasiliensis; A. chilensis] A. hoemantha; A. Ligtu (a very variable plant); A. Pelegrina and its variety alba; A. pulchella (or psittacina); and A. versicolor (or A. peruviana) - all of which grow from 2-4 ft. high, and flower during the summer months.