The trade in these plants has increased enormously during recent years, and there are many exquisite garden hybrids used for the decoration of the garden during the summer,and also for the conservatory. They are almost as easily grown as Dahlias, and are increased by division of the fleshy rootstocks, and also by seeds sown in heat in spring. The illustration (fig. 272) gives a good idea as to the general appearance of the plants, but some varieties are much taller than others, and also differ in the colour of the leafage, the shades varying from light green to deep crimson purple. The flowers also are remarkable for the beautiful colours, red, scarlet, orange, etc, being represented, while many are blotched and stained with other colours. Different groups known as "Orchid flowered", "Gladiolus flowered", and "large flowered " are known, and fancy names have been given to the best.

Canna italia: to show habit.

Fig. 272. - Canna italia: to show habit.