This is the most-showy and best selling member of a large genus. It grows in any good garden soil, and loves the sun. It produces masses of soft-violet or magenta-purple Marguerite-like flowers with a bright yellow centre, and is valuable for cutting for market. The variety superbus is the best form. The simplest way to increase the stock is by division in autumn. Other species, with a restricted sale, are: aurantiacus, 1 ft., bright orange; compositus, 3 in., blue; glabellus, 1 ft., lilac; glaucus, 1 ft., lavender blue; Howelli, 1 ft., lilac; mucronatus, 6 in., white tinged pink; neo-mexicanus, 1 ft., white; philadelphicus, 1 ft., flesh pink; pulchellus, 1 ft., rosy lilac; Roylei, 6 in., deep lilac purple; salsuginosus, 6 in., lilac. They are nearly all natives of North America except E. aurantiacus, which comes from Turkestan.