Pretty rosaceous plants easily grown in any garden soil. They may be raised from seeds, but the choicer kinds are best propagated by-division in autumn. The trade is chiefly in the plants in autumn and spring. The following kinds are best: chiloense, 1-3 ft., scarlet, with better forms, known as grandiflorum, miniatum, etc, and a double one flore pleno; coccineum, 6-12 in., scarlet, with a variety Heldreichi, having a deeper orange-red tint; montanum, 6-12 in., yellow, with a few forms; rivale, 9 in., purple. Perhaps for cut flowers for market work it would be difficult to beat a semi-double variety of G. chiloense named "Mrs. J. G. Bradshaw", which has blooms 2 in. or more across, of a brilliant scarlet crimson, and borne on stalks about 2 ft. high; a splendid plant also for massing in beds or borders.