Easily grown plants of the Sunflower family, flourishing in any garden soil and in open sunny spots, and easily increased by division in autumn or spring. The best kinds are autumnale, 4-6 ft., pure yellow, several varieties, of which "Riverton Gem", "Riverton Beauty", and "Gartensonne" are the very best; Bolanderi, 2 ft., yellow, with a dark centre; Hooperi, 2-3 ft., bright orange; nudiflorum (or grandicephalum striatum), 3-4 ft., deep orange yellow striped and blotched with crimson; pumilum, 1 ft., soft yellow. These all flower freely, and are valuable for cut flowers during the summer months. H. Bigelovi is a fine Californian species, about 4 ft. high, with large yellow flowers having a deep red-brown centre.