Although lovely and easily grown garden flowers the Day Lilies are useless for cut bloom, as they fade so quickly, notwithstanding the fact that one bloom opens as rapidly as another withers. They grow in any garden soil, and are perhaps more at home in semi-shaded spots. Clumps of the plants starting into growth in spring find a fairly good sale with other kinds of roots. They are nearly all easily increased by dividing the rootstocks in early autumn. The following are the best kinds: aur-antiaca major, rich apricot yellow; Dwmortieri, soft yellow and orange (fig. 208); fiava, orange yellow with narrow leaves; fulva, tawny yellow with several fine forms, some tinted with crimson; Middendorfi, pale golden yellow; minor or graminea, grows only about 1 ft. high, and has pale-yellow flowers; Thunbergi, canary yellow.

Hemerocallis Dumortieri.

Fig. 208. - Hemerocallis Dumortieri.