Planted within the already prescribed limits the varieties may be introduced to the greenhouse in the following order: Major (French grown), lirst week of November; Ard Righ, Golden Spur, Obvallaris, Henry Irving; and double daft's (N. telamonins plenus), second to third week of November: Princeps, end of November; Victoria, Horsfieldi, Empress, mid-December and later; Ornatus, at the end of the year; with Emperor and Sir Watkin among others, a little later on. A point to remember in this connection is that an early-flowering variety in the open is not necessarily early - or even proportionately so - when grown under glass. Soils and localities, however, exercise such an influence that the writer is precluded from entering into minute details through lack of space, but having laid the foundation the intelligent operator will find it easy to raise up the superstructure.