There are many species, but the one most favoured by market growers is P. Veitchi, a lovely plant from the South Sea Islands, with elegant glossy-green leaves striped with white. It flourishes in a rich loamy soil, with a little peat or leaf mould and sand added. Young growing plants enjoy plenty of warmth and moisture, and the night temperature should not sink much below 70° F. The plants should be syringed daily to keep them free from scale insects; and during bright sunshine it is necessary to shade if the variegation is to be had pure. When established, a lower temperature is advisable. Nice plants in 5-in. pots realize from 2s. 6d. each upwards. Market growers might also consider P. Sanderi from a commercial standpoint. It is a fine plant, with creamy-yellow stripes on the leaves. P. javanicus variegatus is another silvery and green form, very pretty when young.