There are several species of Rhubarb distinguished for their bold and ornamental foliage and huge plumes of blossom. They all flourish in rich soil, but will do well in almost any garden soil that is dug and manured. They are chiefly valuable for wilder parts of large parks and gardens and by the sides of lakes, streams, etc, in the same way as the Gunneras, which are often mistaken for them. The best Rhubarbs are acuminatum, 3 ft.; australe, 6-10 ft.; Emodi, 6-10 ft.; nobile, 3-5 ft.; officinale, 8-10 ft.; palmatum, 5-8 ft., of which there are several varieties, including tanguticum,flore-roseo, and rubrifolium. These are all natives of the Himalayas, Tibet, etc, and are easily raised from seeds and by division of the rootstocks.