Under the still-better - known name of Mont-bretia two or three species and several varieties of these fine hardy bulbous plants are grown, chiefly for cut flower and for the decoration of the border. T. aurea (now called Crocosma), a South African species with sword-like leaves and brilliant orange - red starry flowers in summer and autumn, is a fine plant, and the same may be said of T. crocosmioefiora, 2-2 ft. high, with orange-scarlet funnel-shaped flowers, and T. Pottsi, 3-4 ft. high, with bright-yeilow blooms suffused with red. T. crocata has bell-shaped saffron or orange-coloured flowers as early as June. Amongst the many hybrid varieties that have been raised of late years between these species, and catalogued as Montbretias, are the following: Croesus, large yellow; Diadem, rich dark-orange petals zoned with a broad maroon ring around the clear yellow eye; Etoile de Feu, deep orange-red; Gerbe d' Or, rich golden yellow; Germania, rich orange flowers; Le Pactole, large deep-yellow flowers 3 in. across; Lutetia, elegant flowers of a ruddy tint; Martagon, deep orange reflexed flowers with orange-red throat; Messidor, soft-yellow flowers on tall much-branched stems; Prometheus, large flowers 3 in. in diameter, deep orange, touched with orange red around the eye; Solfaterre, chrome yellow; Sunbeam, clear yellow, rayed with deep orange-red (fig. 249).


Fig. 249. - Tritonias.