With the genus Pavia this includes the Horse-chestnut (ae. Hippocastanum) and the Buck Eye. There are several fine varieties of the Horse-chestnut, including the double white - flowered one and the variegated silver and golden forms. The Red-flowered Buck Eye (rubra) is a fine plant, as is also the white-flowered (macrostachya). Other good species are califomica (fig. 409), white or pale rose; carnea (or rubicunda), scarlet, with a fine variety called Brioti; chmensis, creamy white; flava, yellow, with a purple-tinted variety; glabra, greenish yellow indica, red and yellow. The common varieties are all raised from seeds, but specially good coloured forms are generally budded or grafted on stocks of the common Horse-chestnut.

aesculus californica. (3/8).

Fig. 409. - aesculus californica. (3/8).