The Carolina Allspice (ft floridus), 6-8 ft., with dull-purple flowers, sells on account of its camphor-like scent. Among its varieties are asplenifolius, with cut leaves, bullatus, wrinkled, and varie-gatus. ft occidentalism the "Sweet-scented Shrub" of California, is known also as macrophyllus. It has large ovate heart-shaped leaves and brick - red flowers. Other species are glaucus (fertilis) and Icevigatus. The slender branching shrub formerly known as ft prcecox is now known as Chimonanthus fragrans, and, owing to the fact that it produces its sweet-scented yellow flowers with a purple centre from December till March, it is popularly known as the "Winter Sweet" (fig. 416). The variety grandiflorus has larger flowers. The plant requires shelter from cold bleak winds.

Chimonanthus fragrans.

Fig. 416. - Chimonanthus fragrans.