The well-known Chili Peppers are obtained from the seedpods of this plant, of which there are many varieties. In a green state the pods are used in pickles, salads, and for making Chili vinegar. When ripe, they are ground in a dried state to make Cayenne Pepper. As decorative plants for the greenhouse they are mentioned in Vol. II, p. 145. Plants are raised from seed sown in heat in February and March, in a light rich compost. The seedlings are pricked out when 2 to 3 in. high into small pots, and are eventually fruited in 6- or 8-in. pots. They like abundance of light and air and fair supplies of water. When ripe, the pods are picked and stored away in a dry place, and will last for two or three years. In the most favoured parts of the kingdom, Capsicums may be ripened out of doors in summer.