This South European perennial grows about 5 ft. high, and is known by its green thread-like leaves, the stalks of which are dilated to clasp the hollow stems at the base. The leaves are used for fish sauces; the stalks are used in salads, and the seeds that succeed the umbels of green flowers are employed in confectionery, flavouring liqueurs, etc. The plant grows in any garden soil, and is increased by division or from seeds.

Florence or Finnochio Fennel.

Fig. 506. - Florence or Finnochio Fennel.

The Florence or Finnochia Fennel (F. dulce) is an Italian annual of dwarf compact growth, not exceeding 2 1/2 ft. high. It has large swollen leaf-stalks (fig. 506), which are blanched and eaten raw with pepper and salt, or, if boiled, with fowl, etc. Finnochia may be raised from seeds sown in very warm sheltered spots, in rich soil, about April.