Rudbeckia, or Golden Glow, is not included in the above list for it is not necessary to use it, and it is of such weed-like growth that it is apt to spread over everything. Small clusters of it may be distributed through the Phlox in the large beds, but place them where the lower part of the stalks will be hidden, for the old leaves generally wither. It should be kept low by pinching off the leaf crowns, and although the individual flowers will not be improved by this method you will get the colour, which is all you need, and the plants will not grow to such a height that they will be broken off and ruined by the wind, for although you may stake them it is impossible to keep the long stalks in a natural position, and staking should be avoided as much as possible. Keep Rudbeckia down to the height of five feet.

If you have to use stakes in the garden have them as small as possible, and painted green. The Dahlias will have to be staked, and the Larkspurs and Campanula pyramidalis probably; and some of the Phlox will grow so rampantly that it will need support. When you have made up your mind to do any staking, do not delay the operation any longer than necessary.