(Greek for dog orchid). Orchidaceae. Terrestrial orchids, grown in the warmhouse.

Flower-clusters loose; sepals and petals similar, or the petals smaller, spreading; Up spreading, 3-5-lobed, spurred; anther short, with 2 points, between which arises the middle lobe of the beak. - About 25 species, of the Mascarene Islands and tropical Africa.

The following have been in cultivation: C. com-pacta, Reichb. f. Flowers white, the disk of lip red-spotted. Natal. B.M. 8053. O.R. 19:265. -C. Lowiana, Reichb. f. Lateral sepals light green, the lip bright rose-purple, the spur clavate. Madagascar. B.M. 7551. (as C. purpurascens). O.R. 19:273. G. C. III. 43: 184. - C. Morlandii, Rolfe. Racemes 5-9-flowered; flowers medium-sized, lilac. Mozambique. - C purpurascens, Thomas. Flowers numerous in a spike-like raceme or head, rose, with the disk of the lip white. Mascarene Isls. B.M. 7852. O.R. 14:305; 15:121; 19:272. G. C. III. 29: 87; 35:227. - C. villasa, Rolfe. Raceme spikelike, densely flowered; flowers rose-purple,' the sepals glandular-hairy. Madagascar. B.M. 7845.

George V. Nash.