(Greek kuon, a dog, and oura, a tail). Gramineae. Dog's-tail-Grass. Cespitose grasses with flat blades and spike-like panicles, two species of which are cultivated as ornamental grasses and in lawns and pastures.

Spikelets of 2 forms in small fascicles, the terminal spikelets perfect, the lower sterile, consisting of several empty glumes. - Species about 6, in the north temperate regions of the Old World.


Linn. Crested Dog's-tail. Fig. 1191. Perennial, 1-2 ft.: spike 1-3 in. long; awns shorter than the lemmas. Eu. Dept. Agric, Div. Agrost. 20:146. -Sometimes used in mixtures of lawn or pasture grasses.

Cynosurus cristatus. (x 1/2)

Fig. 1191. Cynosurus cristatus. (x 1/2)


Desf. Annual, 6-18 in.: panicle loose, 1-sided, about 1 in. long; awns silky, longer than the lemmas, sometimes as much as 1 in. Eu. - Used for dry bouquets. A. S. Hitchcock.