(hump and Phoenix, a palm). Palmaceae, tribe Areceae. A rather unimportant genus of unarmed, stout-stemmed palms, with terminal pinnatisect leaves.

Leaflets acute at the apex, sword-shaped, the base often with a thickened and recurved margin; rachis stout and broad, a little convex on the lower side: spadix glabrous, with many long stout branches bearing short bracts and numerous monoecious flowers; sepals thick and leathery, round and a little concave: fruit elongate-ovoid or rarely ellipsoid. - There are only 2 species, both from New Caledonia. They have something the aspect of Kentia from which they differ in having only 6 stamens. They are almost unknown in the trade. for cultivation, see Kentia or Howea.


Benth. & Hook. (Kentia elegans, Brongn. & Griseb.). Rachis convex below, keeled above; leaflets alternate, not close together, scaly along the mid-nerve below, 3-nerved: spadix more or less spreading or reflexed in age, simply branched: fruit oblong-elliptical, acute.


Benth. & Hook. (Kentia fulcita, Brongn.). stem clothed at the base with smooth aerial roots: fruit ovoid, attenuate above. - A tall graceful palm scarcely known outside of botanic garden collections.

N. Taylor, †