63. Phalaenopsis, Fitzgerald

Fig. 1238. Pseudobulbs slender, up to 2 ft. long, leafy above: peduncle terminal or nearly so, slender, bearing a terminal raceme of 8-15 flowers which are 2 1/2-3 1/2 in. across; sepals lanceolate, acute, white, flushed pale rose, narrower than the rhomboid orbicular mauve petals with deeper veins; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes round, curved over the column, maroon-purple, the middle lobe pale purple, deeper veined. Austral. G.F. 5:440 (adapted in Fig. 1238). A.F. 16: 1442. B.M. 6817. CO. 4. varietyholo-leuceum, Hort. Flowers white. G.C. 111.28:23. variety Lindeniae, Hort. Fls large, creamy white. variety Rothschildianum, Kranzl. Flowers 4 in. across, the sepals and petals white, suffused rose, the lip rose, intensely veined. variety rubescens, Hort. An exceptionally dark form. variety Schrcederianum, Hort. Sepals white, the petals and lip deep violet. G.C. III. 28: 238. variety splen-dens, Hort. Flowers bright magenta-rose, white at base of segments variety Statteria-num, Sander. Flowers deep violet. variety thundersleyense, Hort. A dark-colored form.

Section XI

A. Sepals and petals not yellow. B. Pseudobulbs clavate, few-jointed. c. Flowers single or in racemes of 2 or 3; sepals and petals contorted......64. tortile

GC. Flowers in 6- to many-flowered racemes; sepals and petals not contorted. D. Lip white with a yellow spot; racemes loosely fid............65. Palpebrae

DD. Lip entirely yellow; racemes densely flowered................ .66. thyrsiflorum

BB. Pseudobulbs cylindric, many-jointed. c. Lip white, colored at base; sepals and petals white. D. Middle lobe of lip broadly obcordate, resembling the petals.....67. Fytchianum dd. Middle lobe, of lip narrowly oblong, much different from petals.68. leucolophoturn cc. Lip rose with a large orange blotch; sepals and petals rose..........69. Bronckartii

AA. Sepals and petals yellow.

B. Color pale straw-color, tinted with rose.70. Farmeri bb. Color clear yellow, not tinted.

c. Raceme of 2-4 flowers...............71. capillipes cc. Raceme 10- to many-flowered

d. Lip deeply fimbriate, the divisions ciliate......................72. chrysotoxum

DD. Lip minutely fimbriate.

e. Throat of lip marked with purple radiating lines......73. sulcatum

EE. Throat not lined.

F. Petals about as wide as sepals................. .74. densiflorum ff. Petals nearly twice as wide as sepals...............75. Griffithianum

64. tortile, Lindl. Pseudobulbs up to 1 ft. long, clavate. furrowed: flowers in 2's or 3's, sometimes solitary; sepals and petals narrowly oblong, twisted, pale lilac; lip convolute at base, nearly orbicular, primrose-yellow, with a purple basal spot. Malay Penins. B.M. 4477. O.R. 8:201. variety Dartoisianum, O'Brien (D. Dartoisianum, De Wild). Sepals and petals yellowish. French India.

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis. (X 1/4)

Fig. 1238. Dendrobium Phalaenopsis. (X 1/4)

65. Palpebrae, Lindl

Pseudobulbs up to 10 in. long, clavate, 4-angled: racemes loosely 5-10-flowered; flowers white, except the orange-yellow disk on lip; sepals oblong, narrower than the oval petals; lip oblong, downy above, fringed near the base. Burma, Siam, China.

66. Thyrsiflorum, Reicbb. F

(D. densiflorum albo-luteum, Hook.). Pseudobulbs up to 2 ft. long, terete, leafy: racemes pendulous, many-fid., lateral; flowers 1 1/2-2 in. across; sepals and petals white, nearly transparent, the sepals oblong-ovate, acute, narrower than the nearly orbicular denticulate petals; lip orange-yellow, downy, the blade nearly orbicular, fimbriate. Moul-mein and Burma. O.R. 6:209. CO. 18. Gn. 60, p. 282. Gt. 55, p. 98. J.H. 111.48:313. I.H. 22:207. G. 19:204. F.M. n. s. 449. variety Walkerianum, Warner. Pseudobulbs longer: flowers larger in longer racemes.

67. Fytchianum, Batem

(D. barbatulum, Batem., not Lindl.). Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2ft. tall, slender, erect: racemes 10-15-flowered; flowers 1 1/2-2 in. across, white, except the rosy tint on sides of lip; sepals lanceolate, about one-third as wide as the obovate petals; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes incurved, the middle lobe broadly obcordate, with basal tufts of yellowish hair. Burma. B.M. 5444. variety roseum, Berkeley. Flowers rose.

68. Leucol6photum, Reichb

f. Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 ft. tall, rather stout: raceme nodding, many-flowered, 1-sided, on a long peduncle; flowers about 1 in. across, white, except the pale green on the side lobes and base of lip; sepals oblong-linear, keeled, much narrower than the obovate petals; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes incurved, the midlobe narrowly oblong. Malay Archipelago.

69. Bronckartii, De Wild

Pseudobulbs up to 3 ft. long, furrowed, terete, leafy: racemes pendulous, laxly many-flowered; flowers about 2 in. across, pale rose, except an orange blotch on lip; sepals elliptic-oblong; petals elliptic-ovate; lip nearly orbicular, denticulate, the disk velvety. Annam. B.M. 8252. R.B. 33:369.

70. Farmeri, Paxt

(D. Palpebrae, Hook, not Lindl.). Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 ft. tall, 4-angled, clavate, leafy: racemes pendulous, laxly many-flowered; flowers about 2 in. across; sepals and petals pale straw-color, tinted rose, the sepals oblong, acute, narrower than the broadly oval petals; lip nearly orbicular, deep yellow, downy above. Sikkim to Nepal and Burma. B.M. 4659. F.S. 7:741. J.F. 307. CO. 30. variety albiflorum, Hort. Sepals and petals white. variety auxeo-fiavum, Hook. Sepals and petals golden.

71. Capillipes, Reichb. F

Dwarf: pseudobulbs 2-3 in. long, fusiform: racemes few-flowered; flowers about 1 1/4 in. across, golden yellow, with a deeper blotch on lip; sepals lanceolate, acute, much narrower than the broadly oval petals; lip with the blade about orbicular, emarginate. Burma. B.M. 7639. variety elegans, Reichb. f. Pseudobulbs taller, and base of lip deeper yellow.