72. Chrysotoxum, Lindl

Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 ft. tall, clavate or fusiform: racemes drooping, many-flowered; flowers about 2 in. across, golden yellow, except the reddish streaked orange-yellow disk on lip; sepals oblong-elliptic, about half as broad as the obovate-oblong petals; lip orbicular, fimbriate, pubescent on upper surface. Burma. G. 18:465; 30:275. B.M. 5053. I.H. 5:164. CO. 11. variety suavissimum, Hook. f. (D. suavissimum, Hook. f.). Differs in its shorter, thicker Dseudobulbs, and the large chestnut spot on the lip. Burma. Gn. 13:166. CO. 11a.

73. Sulcatum, Lindl

Pseudobulbs up to 10 in. long, clavate, furrowed: racemes 10-15-flowered, short, nodding; flowers yellow, the lip deeper and purple-streaked; sepals oval-oblong, narrower than the ovate petals, lip broadly ovate. Khasia Hills. B.R. 24:65. B.M. 6962.

74. Densiflorum, Wall

Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 ft. tall, 4-angled, clavate, leafy: racemes pendulous, many-flowered; flowers about 2 in. across; sepals and petals orange-yellow, nearly transparent, the acute sepals oblong-ovate, narrower than the denticulate nearly orbicular petals; lip nearly orbicular, orange-yellow, downy above. Nepal. B.R. 1828. B.M. 3418. F.S. 14:1397. G.W. 1, p. 223. J.H. III. 51:123; 64:94. CO. 14. variety Schroederi, Hort. (D. densiflorum Schrdederi, Hort. D. densiflorum album, Hort.). Flowers larger in looser, longer racemes, the sepals and petals white, the lip deep orange, shading at margin to pale yellow. F.M. 502. A.G. 20:5.

75. Griffithianum, Lindl

Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 ft. tall, furrowed, attenuated below: racemes pendulous, many-flowered; flowers about 2 in. across; sepals and petals bright yellow, the sepals oblong-oval, narrower than the nearly orbicular petals; lip orbicular, fringed, papillose above. Burma. variety Guibertii, Veitch (D. Guibertii, Carr.). Flowers larger and more intensely colored: pseudobulbs more abruptly narrowed below.

Section XII

76. Crumenatum, Swartz

Pseudobulbs fusiform, thickened above base, then attenuated: flowers appearing successively in upper part of stem, white, or suffused with pale rose; sepals acute, the petals oblong-lanceolate, acute; lip cuneate, the lateral lobes rounded, the middle lobe nearly orbicular, the disk with 5 keels. Malay Archipelago. B.R. 25:22. B.M. 4013.

D. acuminatum, Rolfe=Sarcopodium acuminatum. - D. am-plum, Lindl.=Sarcopodium amplum. - D. annamense, Rolfe. Flowers buff-yellow, rather membranous. Annam. - D. arcuatum, J. J. Smith. Flsv white, with stout spurs curved forward at the tip. Java. - D. Ashworthise, O'Brien. Flowers cream-white, except a few purple streaks at base of lip, the sepals lanceolate or triangular, the petals clawed. New Guinea. B.M. 8141. G.C. III. 29:86. CO. 39. - D. atroviolaceum, Rolfe. Racemes many-flowered, the flowers about 3 in. across, the sepals and petals primrose-yellow, claret-spotted, the lip 3-lobed, the disks violet, white-striped, the middle lobe recurved, dark violet streaked white at base, the upper part yellow, claret-spotted. New Guinea. B.M. 7371. C.O. 12. O.R. 3:305; 9:152; 16:69. G.W. 14, p. 407. J.H.III. 50:355. - D. bellatulum, Rolfe. Dwarf, tufted: flowers 1 or 2, axillary, white with a vermilion lip. China. B.M. 7985. G.C. III. 36:114. - D. bicaudatum, Reinw. Sepals and petals whitish, changing to greenish yellow, with faint purple lines; lip elongated; white.

Java. - C. Brandtii, Kranzl. Resembles D. Phalaenopsis. Flowers more fleshy, mauve-purple with silvery crests to the lip; sepals and petals twisted or curled. - D. capituliflorum, Rolfe. Flowers in dense axillary heads, greenish white, with column and disk of lip bright green. New Guinea. - D. ciliatum, Parish. Sepals and petals yellowish green, the lip yellow, purple-lined. Moulmein. B.M. 5430. G.W. 11, p. 340. variety anname'nse, Hort. A white-flowered form with fringed lip, purple at the base. Annam. - D. Caelogyne, Reichb. f.= Sarcopodium Caelogyne. C.O. 32. - D. compactum, Rolfe. A small-growing species: sepals and petals pure white, linear, acuminate; lip nearly as long as sepals, light green. China. - D. convolidum, Rolfe. Sepals and petals light green, with a few small dark brown markings at the base; lip green and dark brown. New Guinea. - D. criniferum, Lindl. "Flowers lasting only a single day, whitish, with a 3-lobed lip which breaks up in front into a fringe of long spreading yellow filaments." Malaya. G.C. III. 43:194. - D. cucumerinum, M'Leay. Dwarf: leaves oblong, terete, with tubercles arranged in lines: flowers 3-5, white or yellowish, purple-streaked. New S. Wales. J.F. 4:358. B.M. 4619. - D. delicatulum, Kranzl=D. subacaule. -D. delicatum, Bailey. Sepals and petals milky white the lip white, violet-lined, the callus golden, minutely violet-dotted New Guinea. G. 34:245. - D. epidendropsis, Kranzl. Resembling an epidendrum: flowers greenish or yellow outside, yellow inside, about 1 1/2 in. long.

Philippines. - D. Faulhaberianum, Schltr. Flowers violet-rose; lateral sepals forming a mentum scarcely 1/2in. long. Hainan. - D.fusiforme, Bailey=D. speciosum fusiforme-D. glomeratum, Rolfe. Flowers rose-purple, in few-flowered fascicles, the lip golden carmine. Molucca. Gn. 65,p. 123. - D. Goldschmidtianum, Kranzl. Over afoot high: racemes short, about 12-flowered; flowers deep rose-purple. Formosa. - D. Hilde-brandii, Rolfe. Racemes axillary, 3-4-flowered; sepals and petals white, the lip primrose-yellow, the tube pubescent externally. Burma. B.M. 7453. O.R. 3:49; 12:153; 16:26. - D. Hodgkinsonii, Rolfe. Raceme 5-7-flowered, terminal; flowers pale green, the lip purple-nerved. New Guinea. B.M. 7724. - D.Imthurnii, Rolfe. Probably the most robust of all dendrobiums in cultivation: racemes axillary, many-flowered; flowers of medium size, white, with lilac streaks on lateral lobes of lip. New Hebrides. B.M. 8452. - D. inaequale, Rolfe. Flowering pseudobulbs separate from leafy ones, clavate, the flowers secund, arising alternately from the margin of the internodes; sepals and petals white, the lip tubular, pale yellow, purple-streaked inside.