(named for the late Wm. R. Dudley, professor of botany in Stanford University). Crassu-laceie. Shortly caulescent or acaulescent perennials, with flat, linear to ovate, acute basal leaves: flowers in short or elongated panicles, orange-yellow or red, rarely white: leaves on flowering branches much shorter and relatively broader than the basal ones, sessile or clasping: corolla nearly cylindrical or slightly angled, the segments united below the middle; stamens twice as many as the calyx-lobes: carpels erect, many-sided. - Some 60 species have been described, all from the west coast of N. Amer. None of them has proved very satisfactory as a bedding plant, and as a rule the species do not compare with the echeverias in horticultural value. The following species are described in this work under Cotyledon (p. 868):

D. Cotyledon, Brit. & Rose, as C. californica.

D. pulverulenta, Brit. & Rose, as C. pulverulenta.

D. Purpusii, Brit. & Rose, as C. Purpusii.

D. lanceolata, Brit. & Rose, as C. lanceolata.

J. N. Rose.