Seven species. Stove or green-house evergreen trees, shrubs, and climbers. Cuttings. Loam, peat, and sand.


Scissors of various sizes are required by the gardener. A pair with very sharp and pointed blades is required for cutting away the anthers of flowers in hybrydiz-ing. Stouter pairs are used for removing flower stalks, when the petals have fallen from roses, etc. Sliding pruning scissors (Fig. 151) are employed for cutting the shoots of shrubs; they are powerful instruments for the purpose. See Shears.


SCLEROTHAMNUS microphyllus. Green-house evergreen shrub. Cuttings. Sandy loam and peat.


Two species, and many varieties. Ferns. Hardy herbaceous perennials. Seeds and division. Rock work.


Three species. S. maculatus is a hardy annual, the others hardy herbaceous perennials. Division or seeds. Common toil.


A genus of Beetles. S. haemorrhous, small Bark Beetle, attacks apple trees in May, making furrows into the inner bark and alburnum, where it deposits its eggs. The larva? continue feeding there until late in autumn.

S. destructor, elm-destroying Scoly-tus, does not confine its ravages to the elm, but often attacks fruit trees, as the plum. - Kollar.

Fig. 151.

Scolytus 156


Scoparia dulcis. Stove annual. Seeds. Sandy loam.


Scopolia carniolica. Hardy herbaceous perennial. Division. Light dry soil.


Genista scorpius.

Scorpiox Grass


Scorpion Senna

Coronilla emerus.

Scotch Asphodel

To-fieldia alpina.

Scotch Laburnum

Cytisus al-pinus.


Three species. Greenhouse evergreen shrubs. Young cuttings. Sandy loam and peat.

Screw Pine


Screw Tree



Figwort. Seven species. Hardy herbaceous perennials. S. vernalis, a biennial. Seeds. Light soil, and a moist situation.

Scrubby Oak


Scurvy Grass

Cochlearia officinalis. "This vegetable grows spontaneously on the sea shores of England., and is also found in the interior. It is used like the Cress, and occasionally mixed with corn salad.

"Sow in autumn and manage as directed for winter spinach; it is used during the winter and spring." - R. Reg.

To Obtain Seed

A few plants must be left ungathered from in the spring. They will run up to flower about May, scu and perfect their seed in the course of the two following months.


Twenty-seven species. Hardy herbaceous perennials. 8. humilis is a half-hardy. S. havenen-sis,a. stove herbaceous perennial. Seeds and division. Common soil. The shrubby species increase by young cuttings.


Scyphanthus grandiflorus and elegans. Hardy twining annuals. Seeds. Sandy loam.


This mowing implement being confined, in the garden, to cutting the fine short grass of lawns, requires to be much sharper than that used in cutting the coarser grasses, which stand up more firmly to the scythe. It is also necessary that the mowers should not score the grass, that is, should not leave the mark of each stroke of the scythe, which has a very unsightly appearance; to prevent which, have the scythe laid out rather wider, an inch or two beyond heel and toe, especially for very short grass; and in mowing, keep the point rather out, and do not draw that part too fast toward, gathering the grass neatly to the left in a range; and having mowed to the end of the swaith, mow it lightly back again, to trim off all scores, and other irregularities, unavoidably left the first time. - Abercrombie.