The Northern Florists are frequently complaining that they are badly represented, or rather not represented at all, by the metropolitan periodicals; that no Northern productions are fairly noticed in their columns, and that each work is the exclusive machine of a few of the principal Southern growers; consequently that many a gem in the Northern counties is " born to blush unseen" for lack of an introduction to the floral world through the floricultural press. The above complaints may perhaps in part be true as- respects some journals; at the same time, the Northern Florists must remember that this evil principally arises from their not availing themselves of the advantages of shewing their productions at the great metropolitan horticultural fetes, where all the best things are expected to be exhibited; and which, if so exhibited, would then undoubtedly be noticed according to their respective merits. Still it strikes me that some more central place of exhibition is required, as the chief means of reforming the matters complained of.

That "spirit of exclusiveness," so broadly hinted at by many, cannot, however, have any reference to the Florist, a work " open to all, and influenced by none," in whose pages every contributor, be he from the north or from the south, from the east or from the west, finds free admission and a hearty welcome, so long as his object is purely the promotion of floriculture by honesty and impartiality; to this the Editor is inviting you monthly.

Many of our Northern Florists, I must admit, are too much in the habit of acting like the carman in the fable, uttering their prayers to Jupiter, without ever putting their own shoulder to the wheel. I would say to these: "If you excel in the cultivation of any particular flower, impart that knowledge to the Florist, for the benefit of Florists in general and amateurs in particular, and to you will be the reward. If you succeed in raising a good thing, seek also to make it known by all legitimate means in your power".

I will make a beginning for you, as far as I have the materials. During the last season I visited several horticultural exhibitions in the North; and the following are my notes of a few good things which I have seen, and expect will be sent out this next spring.