The annual exhibition of this society took place on the 26th of May, at the Horns Tavern, Kennington. It was attended by most of the leading cultivators of this favourite flower, which was produced in excellent condition and in considerable quantity, thirteen stands of nine blossoms each having been staged. Prizes were awarded to, 1st, Mr. Edwards of Holloway; 2d, Mr. King of Canterbury; 3d, Mr. Crook, Honorary Secretary of the Society; and 4th, Mr. Venables.

* "And wonders at the strange foliage, and fruit not its own".

First prize seedling, May Queen (Crook), a promising rose; this gentleman also exhibited three byblcemens of first-rate quality. The best bloom produced was, by universal assent, attributed to the Aglaia of Mr. Edwards, than which it was impossible to have produced a finer. The Vivid of Mr. Crook was also a superb specimen.