I hope that a very large niche will be allotted in the proposed Exhibition for the products of floricultural industry. Although all the exhibitions of French industrial products held at Paris were adorned with specimens of artificial flowers, in the manufacture of which our continental neighbours stand unrivalled, it was reserved for the Exhibition of 1849 to see nature and art vying with each other as candidates for popular favour.

The idea of adding floricultural specimens does not appear to have been started until a very short time before the opening of the Exhibition, or there can be no doubt but that a much finer display of flowers would have graced the salle (T exposition.

Amongst the principal exhibitors in this department, the names of Bertin, L'Homme, Ketter, and Michel, stood conspicuous; and a collection of Ericas and Azalias by the latter was much and justly admired. As I do not wish that floriculturists should be taken by surprise, I have ventured to address you on this subject.

E. H. D.