These have of late been so much improved, both in form and colour, that we imagine few flower-gardens will in future be without them, for they promise to become even greater favourites than the usually cultivated kinds. We therefore venture to give a list of twenty-four of the best and most constant varieties, described from notes taken of the plants during the last blooming season, and such as can be procured at very reasonable prices.

Baron Freteau do Pe'ny, pale scarlet, tipped with white; flower full, and well shaped, quills about the centre. 4 ft.

Dulcinee (Morot), violet lilac, with white down the centre of each petal; good shape and habit, medium size. 4 ft.

Emilie Lehmann (Deegen), bright rosy red, white tipped; good shape. 2 to 3 ft.

Empereur de Maroc (Huidoux), dark maroon, tipped with clear white. A noble variety, either for the borders or exhibition. Some plants do not produce tipped blooms so constantly as others. Should be grown in rather poor soil. 3 to 4 ft.

Florence Dombey (Salter), yellow, tipped with white; constant, but ribby. 3 to 4 ft.

Freund Schmidt (Sieckmann), pale red, tipped with white; fine petal and outline, full size. 4 ft.

Henrick von Gagern (Mardner), maroon, tipped with white, deep flower, petal a little pointed; very showy. 4 ft.

Hermina (Mohring), red, tipped distinctly with white; petals long, good centre, and very constant. 3 to 4 ft.

Honourable Mrs. Shaw Lefevre (Elphinstone), dull rose, white tipped; tolerable form, thin in the centre. 4 ft.

Jenny Lind (Barnes), maroon, white down each petal; showy and fine. 3 ft.

Lady Montgomery (Mitchell), salmon, white tipped, petal long; showy, early. 3 to 4 ft.

Letitia (Barnes), rosy lilac, white tipped; full size, constant, hard eye. 3 to 4 ft. Ludwig Pemsl (Deegen), maroon, white tipped, medium size; constant and attractive. 3 ft. Madame Wachy (Wachy), dark purple, tipped with white, large, full, and good shape; flowers stand well out from the foliage. 3 ft. Master G. Clapton (Jeffrey), pure white, purple stripe on either side of the petal; showy, and good habit. 4 ft. Mimosa (Truelle), deep yellow, white tipped; good for bedding, the height being little more than 1 foot. Miss Coveney (Mitchell), white, rose on either side of the petals. 4 ft. Œillet Parfait (Paris), orange, distinctly striped with red, good-shaped petal, and well-formed flower, hard eye. 4 ft. Picotee (Paris), yellow spotted, and striped with light red; large and showy 4 ft. Remembrancer (Barnes), light rosy scarlet, good petal and shape, the white tip not always distinct. 4 ft.

Reizende von Elsterthal (Deegen), white, with rosy purple stripe on either side of the petals; showy. 4 ft.

Roi de Points (Batteur), maroon, white tip, hard eye, good habit. 4 ft.

Triomphe de Magdeburg (Ehrig), scarlet, distinctly tipped with white; showy and constant. 5 ft.

Vicomte de Ressequier (Dubras), purple, tipped and striped with white; constant. 4 to 5 ft.

Our Note-Book.

Fancy Dahlias #1

I beg your acceptance of the accompanying list of Fancy Dahlias for insertion in your pages. My name, which I hand you, will satisfy yourself, and consequently your readers, that the selection is made after a most favourable opportunity of observing the flowers in all parts of the country, and under all kinds of cultivation. The general lover of the Dahlia, who has not hitherto cultivated this class, is unable to form a just conception of their varied beauties when seen under good management, and cannot fail to be gratified if he commences with the following selection: -

Belle De Nogent (Mea)

This is a large variety, with long footstalks and fine erect habit; petals reflexed; globular, good form; colour red and white. 3 to 4 feet.

Candidate (Barnes)

Maroon, tipped with white; high centre, thin; very showy, and free bloomer. 5 feet.

Comus (Tassart)

Carmine and white; colours well defined; large open petals, which do not make a very compact flower; flowers beneath the foliage. 2 feet.

Comte De Flandre (Van Renynghe)

Red, tipped with white; flower of medium size; fills well in the centre; good habit. 4 feet.

Conspicua (Salter)

Violet purple, with white down the centre of each petal. Similar to Master G. Clayton, but fuller of petals; fine habit. 5 feet.

Discount (Barnes)

Dark maroon, tipped with white; large fine form, and of the best habit. The only fault is, that the early blooms have a hard green centre; late, it is one of the best: therefore such varieties, to be more useful, should be grown to a large size in pot before planting-out time. 4 to 5 feet.

Empereur De Maroc (Huidoux)

Maroon, shaded and tipped with white. This flower at present stands at the top of the fancy Dahlias. It has, however, this drawback, producing self-coloured flowers, sometimes throughout the season; and has caused many to suppose they had the wrong variety: propagate from the plant that has most constantly produced tipped blooms. There are good and bad strains in Dahlias as well as in Tulips. The form is good; flower large. 3 to 4 feet.

Gasparine Furstin Reuss (Sieckman)

A beautiful flower, and some may think a pretty name; rich velvety maroon, with distinct white tip; not a large flower, but the best received from the continent the past season: equally attractive on the plant and in the stand. 3 feet.

General Cavaignac (Hunt)

Violet purple, white tip, good habit, but thin of petals, and has not been so good this season as it was in 1848.

Jenny Lind (Girling)

White, with maroon stripe each side of the petal; a good constant variety. 3 feet.

Madame Wachy

Purple, white tip; a flower of fine properties, but a little uncertain in the centre. 2 feet.

Miss Stevens (Dodds)

This is barely a fancy variety; pale buff, with indistinct white tip; the form is good, but blooms in the foliage. 3 feet.

Ceillet Parfait (Paris)

Orange buff, striped and spotted with bright crimson; novel, and of good form; it has often a green centre, and is of a drooping habit.

Ceillet De Boheme

This is another striped variety, and a showy one it is; yet this class is not generally admired; neither will they, until we get them with a purer ground-colour. This is an improvement in that respect; blush, with purple stripes.

Postsecretaire Hane (Deegen)

Violet, tipped with white; compact form, inclined to quill. 2 to 3 feet.

Rainbow (Keynes)

Showy, scarlet and white; reflexed petal, but high centre. 3 feet.

Striata Perfecta (Salter)

Lilac, spotted and striped with purple; good form; one of the best of its class. 3 feet.

Sunbeam (Keynes)

Red, white tip, a showy variety; petals are notched too often. 4 feet.

Triomphe De Magdeburgh (Ehrig)

Scarlet, tipped with white; noble garden variety from its fine habit, and occasionally of fine form; but in this respect it is uncertain, as all are more or less. 6 feet.

Vicomte De Ressequier (Dubras)

Purple and white; a good old variety, either for the border or for exhibition. 5 feet.

The New Varieties Must Be Described On A Future Occasion

The following have been most conspicuous at the shows: - Prockter's Elizabeth, Bragg's Lady Grenville, Liddiard's Miss Compton, Turner's Mrs. Labouchere, and Dodds' Highland Chief.