After the long-continued ungenial weather, we were pleasingly surprised to witness such a display of flowers as was produced on this occasion. Some of the blooms were of extraordinary size; and the number of visitors and exhibitors shewed in what favour this pet of the Florist continues to be held. Nearly forty gathered round Mr. Lidgard's mahogany after the exhibition, and, we learn, did as much justice to his provision as they had previously done the flowers. The following account of the winning collections, etc. will be acceptable to our readers.

Seedling, Mr. Beck (Turner), received a certificate; also a prize presented by H. Brown, Esq. for the best seedling of the day. It is a yellow ground, of great substance of petal, and of velvety texture; perfectly smooth on the edge, and particularly flat.


1st prize, Mr. C. Turner, Royal Nursery, Slough: Constellation (Thomson), Queen of England (Fellowes), Disraeli (Hunt), Bellona (Hooper), Mrs. Hamilton (Nasmyth), Rubens (Turner), this is a seedling not out; Rainbow (Hall), Miss Edwards (Turner), Duke of Norfolk (Bell), Aurora (Bell), Hector, Ophir (Widnall), Supreme (Youel), Zabdi (Thomson), Climax (Bell), Privateer (Turner), Malvern, Duchess of Rutland (Thomson), Addison (Turner), Almanzor (Le Messurier), Leader (Hooper), Lucy Neal (Scotcher), Helen (Hunt), Mr. Beck (Turner), this is a seedling not out; Emma (Lane), Juventa (Hooper), Sambo (Hale), Goliath (Bragg), Thisbe, Milton (Major), Duchess of Norfolk (Bragg), Polyphemus (Thomson), Mrs. Beck (Turner), Mazeppa, Lord Hardinge (Gossett), Gem (Turner).

2d prize, Mr. Thomson, Iver: Climax, Constellation, Cremona, Disraeli, Fire-King, Aurora, Duke of Norfolk, Emperor, Fair Flora, Ada, Armosa, Masterpiece, Mrs. Hamilton, Snowflake, Miss Thomson, Elegant, Harmony, Juventa, Rainbow, Polyphemus, Queen of England, Mars, Duchess of Rutland, Sambo, Maria, Privateer, Paris, Samson, Penelope, Conductor, Caroline, Corsair, Matilda, Lady Franklin, Agamemnon, Jenny Lind.

3d prize, Mr. Bragg, Star Nursery, Slough: Climax, Premier, Constellation, Almanzor, Clio, Duke of Norfolk, Sir R. Peel {very fine), Juventa, Aurora, Zabdi, Exquisite, Rainbow, Mrs. Bragg, Model of Perfection, Ophir, Lord Hardinge, Supreme, Lucy Neal, Great Britain, Caliston, Disraeli, Tartar, Milton, Mrs. Hamilton, Viceroy, Polyphemus, Helen, Privateer, Mrs. Beck, Flying Dutchman, Masterpiece, Queen of England, Duchess of Rutland, Emma.

Amateurs' 24 Blooms

1st prize, Mr. Treacher, Wycombe: Juventa, Premier, Aurora, Duke of Norfolk, Almanzor, Constellation, Duchess of Rutland, Zabdi, Lucy Neal, Arethusa, Masterpiece, Helen, Notabilis, Climax, Lord Har-dinge, Rainbow, White Sergeant, Duchess of Norfolk, Seedling, Emma, Clara, Ophir, Disraeli, Caliston.

2d prize, Mr. Scotcber, Oxford: Juventa, Mrs. Hamilton, Lucy Neal, Miss Thomson, Almanzor, Lord of the Isles, Penelope, Constellation, Masterpiece, Emperor, Duke of Norfolk, Aurora, Sambo, Polyphemus, Miss Edwards, Elegant, Marchioness of Lothian, Fire-King, Duchess of Rutland, Matilda, Ringleader, Caroline, Example, Helen.

3d prize, Mr. Parsons, Ponder's End: Ophir, Exquisite, Bellona, Notabilis, Ivanhoe, Mrs. Hamilton, Arethusa, Hector, Queen of England, Juventa, Blue Perfection, Commodore, Addison, Princess, Duke of Norfolk, Lord J. Russell, Viceroy, Caroline, Climax, Supreme, Superb, Orestes, Miss Edwards, Example.

4th prize, J. H. Brown, Esq., V.P.: Duke of Norfolk, Queen of England, Ophir, Disraeli, Mary Jane, Miss Edwards, Ariadne, Supreme, Helen, Aurora, Samson, Caroline, Orestes, Marchioness of Lothian, Jenny Lind, Virgil, Seedling, Magnificent, Mrs. Beck, To Tuoque, Climax, Elegant, Conductor. Exquisite.

5th prize, A. Lane, Esq., V.P.: Tartar, Commodore, Lady Peel, Climax, Emma, Aurora, Lady Sale, Ophir, Almanzor, Caractacus, Rainbow, Duchess of Norfolk, Viceroy, Black Bess, Excellent, Lady Wenman, Josephus, Optimus, Duchess of Rutland, Cyprus, Helen, Polyphemus, Lucy Neal, Queen of Whites.