The following descriptive list of Camellias contains most of the finest varieties in cultivation, and may be useful to any amateur wishing to form a collection. I grow, and have bloomed them (with few exceptions), myself, and the form and colour of each flower is described as accurately as possible.

Admiral Nelson

Very delicate peach-colour, fine form.

Alba Plena (Old Double White)

Fine form, petals regularly imbricated, colour pure white, large flower; one of the best grown.

Alba Plena Nova

Large pure white, perfect form, fine foliage; a really beautiful variety.

Alexina (Low's)

A superb flower; fine white, with delicate rosy carmine stripes, petals round, and beautifully imbricated in the way of Duchesse d'Orleans.

Amabilis (Smith's)

Fine form, beautifully imbricated, colour a deep rose mottled with white; a very handsome flower.

Armida Rosea

Beautiful rose-colour, perfect form, large, and a superb flower.

Baronne D'Udekem

Salmon bronze, with white shade up the centre of each petal, very fine form; a first-rate flower.

Bealii (Palmer's)

Vivid red, the centre rosy salmon, form perfect, the petals round and regularly imbricated; one of the finest grown: this and Leeana superb a I believe to be the same flower.

Bellina Major

Rich deep salmon striped with white, very-large and fine flower; the form not quite imbricated.


Very deep red, extra large flower, petals regularly imbricated; a superb flower, but rather uncertain.


Cherry-colour, occasionally striped with white, beautiful form; a splendid flower.


Pure white, fine large flower, form perfect; a superb flower, and particularly recommended.

Catherine Longhi

Colour a rich carmine, very large, and good form; a superb flower.

Carswelliana Alba

Fine white striped with rose, distinct and handsome, form good.


Colour deep red, sometimes mottled and striped with white, form irregular.


Carmine red, with regular white stripes, imbricated form; a fine flower.


Form semi-double, red ground, but occasionally it comes mottled with white, and when so is particularly handsome; this flower is indispensable in a collection.

Duchesse D'Orleans

Form of a Ranunculus, beautifully imbricated, pure waxy white, blotched and striped with bright rosy pink, clear and well defined; a very beautiful flower.

Diamentina (Van Houtte)

A beautiful rose, fine form.


Very deep carmine red, fine form, regularly imbricated, large, and a superb flower.

Eclipse (Press's)

White striped and spotted with rose; full flower, but not imbricated.

Emilia Graxdiflora

Crimson, beautifully veined; large flower, but not imbricated form.

Fimbriata Alba

Fine clear white, perfect form, the edges of the petals fimbriated; this is a lovely flower, and universally admired, and when a select few can only be grown, this sort is indispensable.


Light cherry-colour, beautiful imbricated flower; very fine.


Rosy carmine spotted with rose; fine flower, nearly imbricated.


Colour deep carmine, very fine, large imbricated flower; handsome.


Beautiful rose, fine form, regularly imbricated; a first-rate flower.

Henri Favre

Light rose, beautiful imbricated form; a superior flower.


Colour carmine or deep rose, sometimes striped with white, fine form, petals beautifully imbricated; particularly recommended as one of the best of its class.

Imbricata Alba

Fine white, with delicate stripes of rose; not quite imbricate form, but good.

Imbricata Alba Rosea

A variety of the above, beautiful peach-colour, with delicate stripes of white; a very handsome flower.

Lady Grafton

Form of flower irregular, colour light carmine, with dark strong veins; a very showy flower.


Delicate light rose, fine form, petals imbricated; a very desirable variety.

Lown (Low's)

Deep carmine, sometimes striped with white, very regularly imbricated; a superb flower.

Lee Ana Superb A

Deep salmon, red outside petals, with rosy salmon in the centre, perfect form, petals regularly imbricated; one of the finest grown.


Very beautiful rose, large flower, form irregular, yet a desirable variety.

Maiden Blush

Pinky white, imbricated form; a very attractive and handsome variety.

Marchioness Of Exeter

Very large splendid rose, nearly imbricated form; a noble flower.

Mutabilis Traversii

Rosy carmine, with each petal regularly divided with a stripe of white, imbricated form; very handsome.

Miniata Striata

Delicate satiny rose, with a narrow white stripe separating each petal; very handsome and constant.


Beautiful rose, pretty formed flower, but not quite imbricated; rather small.


Very beautiful deep scarlet with white stripes, irregular form, large flower.


Form quite perfect, fine round petals, rather uncertain, colour white, with yellow centre.

Punctata Major

Delicate rosy white spotted and striped with deep rose, irregular form.

Prince Of Wales

Delicate satiny rose, deeper towards the centre, good form, and very handsome.


Beautiful light rose, with the petals regularly striped with white, fine imbricated form, large, and very handsome.

Palmer's Perfection

Deep red, perfect imbricated form, good size, and one of the best grown.


Deep rose, imbricated form; very fine.

Queen Of England (Fielder's)

Delicate rose, with a clear white stripe down each petal, imbricated form, and very handsome.

Queen Victoria (Pressley's)

A very fine variety, colour a rich rosy carmine, with a white stripe down the petals, rather uncertain in its marking, imbricated form.

Reevesii Major

Colour a deep red, large semi-double formed flower, particularly handsome.


Light rose, spotted and striped with pinky carmine, pceony-formed, large and showy.


Rosy white spotted and striped with bright rosy pink, semi-double.

Traversii Plenissima

Rosy carmine, each petal regularly striped with white down the centre, imbricated form; a very fine variety.

Triumphans De Gand

A very large pceony-formed flower, colour a handsome bright rose; very showy.


Deep carmine red, mottled occasionally with white, irregular form.


Colour a beautiful rose, regularly striped with white down the centre of each petal, imbricated form; a very fine variety.


A beautiful carmine colour; not quite imbricated form, but handsome.

Hull, March 1849. H. S. Norman.