I beg to enclose a list of early-flowering Carnations and Picotees, which are also good ones; yet those who wish to succeed with these flowers at the Botanic, Horticultural, and other early Exhibitions, must look to any buds that have started prematurely, and which are usually pinched off to strengthen the side-bloom. Late kinds often start in this manner early in spring, about the time they are usually repotted. The larger the collection grown, the more chance of success there will be at such shows, which I may term out of season. It is most remarkable that, so near as Leicester and Derby are, the height of their blooming season will be about the 12th of August, whilst ours is about the 20th of July. Carnation-growing is yet in its infancy. They should be well and regularly attended to. The other part of their culture is most simple. Loam and manure only are the two ingredients that ours are grown in; and simple loam, of a light nature, is what they are wintered in: hence our freeness from spot.

Nine times out of ten they are over-done.

C. Turner, Slough.