Desirous of obtaining something from a distant part of the country for the purpose of illustration, we requested J. Edwards, Esq. to ask Mr. Holland if he would send us up the very best Polyanthus and Auricula to be found about Manchester; and the following is his reply:

"Bradshaw Gardens, Middleton, near Manchester.

"I am sorry to say I have not seen a first-rate bloom of Polyanthus this year; and to send an ordinary bloom would be of no use. The severity of the last winter is partly the cause of them not doing well. In Auriculas the bloom has been fine, but nothing striking in the newer varieties; and, upon the whole, I think it will be better to defer figuring any till next season, as I should be sorry to send anything commonplace for the Florist. J. Holland".

A very candid and honest reply, all will acknowledge; and we were pleased to receive it; for superior flowers we want, and none other. Now our readers may observe advertisements of the very best this, that, and the other. Let them take our advice, and buy r.othing of the kind, unless they find in our pages a report of their excellence. Our work has a large circulation; we have made arrangements for the display and examination of all flowers, whether new or going forth to the public; we have a good staff of observers and judges; and we shall do all we possibly can to inform our friends what they may safely purchase. Many look to the Florist and Garden Miscellany for such information; and they do wisely, for they know it can be fully relied upon. If raisers and dealers do not choose to send their articles to us for examination, we say unhesitatingly to our subscribers, Do not buy them. We certainly shall figure nothing we do not see. Our artist is present at the Worton Cottage meetings to take portraits of any thing very striking; and if interested parties lose so favourable an opportunity for making their productions known, the fault is theirs alone.

Even if they are not sufficiently superior to be figured, they will be reported upon in a paper having the largest circulation of any gardening periodical, a? well as in our own pages.